The Best & the West of Us: An Introduction!

From bountiful emerald hills to wild Atlantic coastlines, the Land of Heart’s Desire resides in Ireland’s wild west.

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Why Western Ireland; specifically? One need only look at the vast beauty laid out in a tapestry of watercolor hues further spread by soft rains to know that most of, if not all of, Ireland is worth the adventure of a lifetime. But here at Wild West Irish Tours, we believe the journey begins where houses peek out of craggy hillsides; caves gape in awe at the cloudy skies above, painted sheep decorate the necks of the great green goddess like so many jewels, and the ocean is but a salty breath away in every direction.


Whether you’re looking for peace, excitement, sentiment, or fulfilment, Ireland’s West has something for everyone. Needless to say, the wilderness and wildness [two separate entities; mind] of Western Ireland are each unmistakable.


Places such as the Clare-Connemara area harbor impressive mountains defiant of their respective landscape alongside lakes that reflect the sky above. Along the coast, secluded beaches and holy wells offer serenity unparalleled in the modern world. The hubbub of all things dies away to allow the traveler to become, in a way, their most complete self. Without obligation or expectation other than to one’s individual person, freedom and peace are more than possible: they’re almost guaranteed.


In small groups meant for intimacy and approachability, Wild West Irish Tours endeavors to make each experience of this mystical, invigorating world memorable and unique. Adaptable and surprising, each tour is unlike the other: no two events are ever the same – and that’s a good thing. As changeable as the coast and as steadfast as the mountains, the Wild West expeditions promise a fundamental experience for the human spirit – a connection to the world of Ireland that is remarkably unforgettable. We’d love for you to start your sojourn with us.


There is nothing quite like a new beginning. Which brings us now to the points of interest we’d like YOU; our audience, Westies and newcomers, to get involved in! As the tour season kicks off with triumphant return; heralding what’s sure to be a most exciting year for all of us here at Wild West Irish Tours, we’d like to hear what you want us to cover in our new journey through this journal.


What we’d like to do is make this blog a resource for those thinking about going to Ireland for the first time – and for those returning! What’re some of the most important things a traveler should know? What exciting facts about the area of Western Ireland should take the spotlight? What do people want to know about this region of Ireland? And of course: what makes Wild West Irish Tours different from everybody else out there? Not that we’re here to compare – we know who we are as people, and what we’d like others to experience when taking a journey with us.


If you could please take some time to reflect on these questions and respond accordingly, we would be delighted to share some highlighted replies for future enlightenment. Every thought counts, so please don’t hesitate to share! Tell us what you want us to know…


  1. What do you like most about Ireland?
  2. What is your personal connection to Ireland?
  3. What are some topics you’d like to see us cover?

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Go raibh, Westies & friends!

We’re delighted to have you with us on this eve of Celtic Summer; approaching the beginning of a brand new day…

–Sam Fishkind 


19 thoughts on “The Best & the West of Us: An Introduction!

  1. I am most enamored by the charm of Ireland. (No “Lucky Charms” jokes Michael) The gentleman who stamped my passport on my first visit smiled and said; “Enjoy your stay blossom.” My heart melted a bit right there in the Dublin airport.
    Everywhere we ventured an almost palpable warmth emanated from the people of Ireland. Twinkling eyes, the lilt in their voices, such a willingness to be hospitable, to welcome us to their beautiful and beloved country, answer our many questions, share their stories, songs and humor. ❤
    I found myself immersed in charm at every turn, not just the people themselves, but the landscape, the peacefulness, the ruins, even the towns. I am very anxious to return!

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  2. I’ve always been drawn to Ireland and wasn’t surprised to find out at 40 that my great grandfather was from Ireland. I went to Ireland for the first time a year and a half ago and couldn’t wait to return. I don’t want to drive in Ireland, so searched for a tour group. After reading a lot of reviews, I was attracted to the small size of Wild West Irish Tour and the back roads. I showed them to my sister and she said “Let’s go!” We will be on the Signature Tour and we are very excited. I can’t say enough enough how beautiful Ireland is and how friendly the people are.

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    • You will not regret it. We will be back for for a second tour in may. Two years ago when we were there (signature tour), it was my third trip to Ireland. My husband kept saying it was my last trip because he didn’t think he would get me to leave- well, we will be back!

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  3. My best advice – when visiting Ireland don’t get hung up on getting here, and going there. Let the adventure lead you. You may find an area that needs a little more exploration and a few more pubs you didn’t get to visit. Such a wonderful, friendly and gorgeous country. Can’t wait to go back one day!

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  4. I fell in love with Ireland within the first moment of RIVERDANCE; In one of the related videos there was a discussion of the Ceide Fields and County Mayo and I was in love all over again. Even though there is no Irish in my family tree that I can find, I know – KNOW – that my soul is Irish. .
    Some years ago, Michael was kind enough to let me feel like an ‘Honorary Westie’ although I am
    housebound and can never make the trip.;
    I’m thrilled with this blog and for the opportunity to participate. Thank you Michael, Trish and all.
    I’m very grateful, And Stacia, I feel like our souls are neighbors.

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    • Really like how you say your soul is Irish. Note from Sam the writer: My stepfather accompanied my mother on a trip with Wild West Irish Tours even though he’s not remotely Irish – 50% Portuguese and 50% French, if I’m not mistaken. But he loved every minute of his trip and was dubbed an honorary Irish spirit himself.
      And Anne – we will take you with us in our hearts. You are a wonderful Westie. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to communicate with us. You & your thoughts are very special.


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