A Special Event!

Hello all! Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of your week; that Monday is treating you well, and you get out to some sunshine soon.

I just wanted to take this moment to thank you all for following us – and to introduce the special event kicking off tomorrow: the launching of the brand new, exclusive Wild West Atlantic Way Tour!


Yep – you heard it here first (or possibly second; if you follow us elsewhere), folks – we’re gearing up to do something truly unique. Embracing our spontaneity and flexibility; we are putting out a new experience – Wild West Irish Tours had this to say regarding the launch:

Wild West Irish Tours is proud to announce a brand new tour for 2018, and we have brought in the 2017 Mayo Rose, Ms. Sandra Ganley, of the 58th Annual Rose of Tralee International Festival, to introduce you to some of the stunning places we will be exploring as well as people you might meet along the way. The Wild West Atlantic Way Tour is essentially “the best of” of places we have been visiting for years on our other 4 adventures. (the hidden, seldom seen, mystical and some well known) Enjoy the premiere of our stunning new video!

Wild West Irish Tours are proud sponsors of Mayo Rose, Sandra Ganley and are delighted that she is part of this new video and tour.

The adventure begins tomorrow with the unveiling of a truly spectacular video – being behind the scenes, I got to peek behind the curtain, and let me tell you, folks, it’s one of the most gorgeous things you’ll see all year. It embodies the Wild West of Ireland to a T – and reveals some of the dazzling places you can go on the upcoming tour(s)!

What’re you waiting for?! Please come join us tonight,  here on our website

Because there’s some special prizes in store for those who do! In spring-boarding this event with us, you could walk away with something memorable and unique…


Come with us – dare to be wild in the Land of Heart’s Desire!

– This has been your very excited Wild West Irish Tours scribe, Sam Fishkind, signing off.

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